Most of the District’s customers receive water through privately owned pipelines, which bring water from the District’s main to the tap owners’ private service lines and private property–these lines are referred to as “Laterals.”  It is important that you know whether your property is served by a Lateral and your related responsibilities, either as an individual tap owner or as a member of the Lateral organization.  Detailed information can be access below.

Lateral Planning Grant Application (Due 09/07/2018)

Lateral Planning Round Table 2018 Presentation

Lateral Planning Handouts

Utility Notification

2011 JeffCo Notice

LMWD Lateral Planning 2015 Presentation

LMWD Lateral Planning Packet 2015

Lateral Possibilities (White Paper 2015)

Annual Registration for Lateral Organizations

Annual Registration is due no later than January 31st each year.  A non-compliance fee applies.

2020 Annual Lateral Registration – Please contact the District office to obtain the new Annual Lateral Registration form

Detailed Lateral Information — provided by Lateral Organization (Alphabetical)

CodyParkLateral1964 Amd2000

Lehti Hicks HOA

Mt Vernon Estates By-Laws

Panorama Estates HOA

Paradise Hills and Protective Covenants

Rockland Mutual Water Co.

Spears – Articles – Clear Creek Heights

If the Lateral that you are interested is not listed here, please ask them to contact us so that we can add it here.