Security, Safety and Emergency Preparedness


Identity Theft Prevention and Protection of Consumer Information

The District has established comprehensive guidelines to protect customers and their personal information.  Please open the Resolution and Guidelines below for detailed information.

Board Resolution – Identity Theft Prevention

Access to Meters

Please be aware that our staff needs to come near or onto your property for reading meters, meter repair or water line repairs. If anyone enters your property and claims to be with LMWD please feel free to ask for identification. Most of the time staff vehicles will have identification. Do not let anyone into your home without verification.

Suspicious Activity – Please Report

Please report suspicious activity around fire hydrants, water valves or vaults and reservoirs to the Sheriff’s Department or if an emergency, please call 911.  If possible, note vehicle make, model, color and license number if possible and exact time of day.

Dam Safety and Emergency Preparedness


Board Resolution – Emergency Liaison

Public access to the District’s three reservoir sites and dams is limited for homeland security, safety, water quality, and protection of equipment.  Signs at each site indicate the applicable rules. No trespassing, no camping, no water contact, no shooting and no campfire policies are strictly enforced.

The District installed an emergency generator at the Treatment Facility in 2005 and a portable emergency generator interface at the pump station.  In the event of an extended power outage, as long as generators can be fueled and chemicals can be delivered to the Treatment Facility, water can be produced and distributed indefinitely at full capacity.

Dams are inspected annually by the State of Colorado, Dam Safety Branch and must receive operational approval.  The District is in compliance with the Dam Safety Branch requirement for an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for each of its three dams.  EAPs are shared with the offices of emergency management (Clear Creek County, Jefferson County, and State of Colorado).  For security reasons, these are not available to the public; requests for EAP information may be made to the Colorado Division of Water Resources, Dam Safety Branch.

Board of Directors at Lower Beaver Brook Dam -- planning for safety requirements in May 2016

Board of Directors planning for Lower Beaver Brook Dam Safety Requirements