Upper Beaver Brook Dam Spillway Improvements Project

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Project to Increase Storage Capacity at Upper Beaver Brook Reservoir Completed

As of January 1st, 2018, the project was officially closed out by the LMWD and the CWCB (Colorado Water Conservation Board).  The new spillway is being monitored under the First Fill Plan, which will last for a minimum of one year.  Notice of Completion CWCB-UBB

The John Roscoe Dedication event took place July 8, 2017.

See April Upper Beaver Brook Newsletter 

And July 2017 – Dedication


Project Owner     Lookout Mountain Water District

Engineer                GEI Consultants, Inc.      www.geiconsultants.com       Login to GEI Sharefile

Design Permit     Dam Safety Branch and Office of the State Engineer (Permit Issued April 25, 2016)

Colorado Division of Water Resources, Department of Natural Resources   Dam Safety Branch Construction Coordination Memo

Other Permits        Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests

Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture  Staging Permit CLC752

Funding      Colorado Water Conservation Board  http://cwcb.state.co.us/

Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Department of Local Affairs, State of Colorado

Water Activity Enterprise of the Lookout Mountain Water District

General Contractor     SEMA Construction, Inc.  www.semaconstruction.com

Beneficiaries               Customers and tap owners in Lookout Mountain Water District

Division 1 (South Platte River Basin) Colorado Division of Water Resources

Project Timeline Summary

Design:   August 2013 to April 2016

Construction funding secured:  November 2015

Construction:  June 2016 to June 2017

Project Completion and Approval:  June 2017 to December 2017


John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook located on Lookout Mountain Water District lands, accessible through easement on USFS lands. Approximately 7.5 miles northwest of Evergreen, Colorado, in Clear Creek County within the Beaver Brook Watershed. The only adjacent property is under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Project Summary

The John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook is the primary source of water supply for the Lookout Mountain Water District, which serves approximately 485 homes, several private businesses, a high school, and a number of government-owned facilities.  The reservoir was built by the City of Golden in 1924, improved by the LMWD in 1990 (holding 257 acre feet of water when full — each acre foot of water contains 325,851 gallons). The District supplies its customers with a total of 140 to 180 acre feet of water in most years, so 257 acre feet provided little carry-over storage capacity to provide for a multi-year drought.  Water supply is entirely dependent on the annual stream flows from the Beaver Brook Watershed and related water rights.

The design safety margins were such that the existing upper dam and reservoir is physically capable of storing an additional 138 acre feet of water if the reservoir’s water level is increased by 10 feet. Engineering studies indicated that a 10-foot concrete labyrinth weir could be installed to safely raise the dam’s spillway and this project was completed in 2017.  With this expansion of the reservoir, its new capacity is now nearly 400 acre feet. Water rights are not expected to be able to fill the reservoir to 100% capacity in every water year.


Total costs for the project were estimated at about $3,325,000 including engineering, legal, water rights, permitting, financial planning, and construction from 2013 – 2017 (excluding financing).  State and Federal permitting requirements have been a significant part of the initial costs (LMWD received a matching grant for the engineering and permitting phase). The CWCB issued a loan for the construction cost of $3,099,690 but only $2,746,062 was expended, a savings of about $353,625.


Site Operator and Water Manager:  Treatment Technology    jeff@treatmenttech.net

District Office/Administrator:  Christina Shea      cshea@blacklockintegrated.services

District Board Representative:  Dean Snyder       dsnyder6@comcast.net

Project Manager:  Chad Masching, P.E.       cmasching@geiconsultants.com

RPR/Lead Inspector:   Thomas Daigle, P.G.       tdaigle@geiconsultants.com

Site Security:  Evergreen Security and Patrol          303-674-2288

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests/Clear Creek/Idaho Springs Ranger Station     303-567-3000

Clear Creek County Sheriff:    303-569-3232 to request assistance or file a report      Main office:  303-679-2300


Bidding Phase Results: 

At the April 11th Regular Board Meeting of the Lookout Mountain Water District, the Board selected SEMA Construction, Inc. as the general contractor for the Upper Beaver Brook Spillway Improvements Project.  Nine contractors submitted bids, which were opened at the public bid opening and special meeting on April 8th.  The Board completed its review and analysis on April 11th, and by unanimous vote, the Board accepted the bid provided by SEMA Construction, Inc. including all alternatives and unit pricing (if needed).  The Contract was issued in May and the Notice to Proceed was issued for June 1, 2016.

UBB Spillway Project Pre-bid slide show