Overview and Public Disclosure


Annual Rates and Fees Hearing (Regular Meeting – October)

Annual Budget Hearing (Regular Meeting – November)

LMWD is a Special District as governed by Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.   In terms of a system it is comprised of tap owners and property owners included in the District’s boundaries (see below), the Board of Directors, and the contractors and consultants who provide operation and management. Its assets include the land, rights to water within its reservoirs, a treatment facility, and components of the distribution system, such as the main pipeline and meters.

LMWD-public disclosure document

John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook (May 2015)

Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.  A Drinking Water Quality Report is compiled each summer; copies may be requested at any time.

The District must comply with a number of regulatory agencies for water quality and administration/governmental issues. Our water source is surface water from the Lower Beaver Brook Reservoir, which is fed from the larger John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook, both located within the Beaver Brook Watershed. The water is than measured, treated and tested at the John P. Downs Treatment Facility, pumped up to our million gallon storage tank, and then distributed to about 500 households, governmental agencies and businesses by gravity flows.

Boundaries and Map

The boundaries of the District are comprised of Included properties primarily in Jefferson County from the west at the Floyd Hill area heading east through Ruby Ranch and El Rancho, then from Chief Hosa to Lookout Mountain (from Highway 40 and Mount Vernon Country Club Rd)  and extending along Lookout Mountain Road and Colorow, into Paradise Hills and  Panorama Estates, terminating at Buffalo Bill’s Grave.

Some properties are not included within the District boundaries because they are served by another public water supplier (such as El Rancho Metro District, Genesee Water and Sanitation District, or Mount Vernon Metropolitan District) or the property has a private well.

Click below to open a map showing included and excluded properties:

LMWD 2014 Boundary Map