Lateral Water Leak (Paradise Hills) 11/13-11/17

November 16, 2017 by  

Summary of events related to the break on Sunrise as of 10 am 11/17/2017:

11/13 am – Leak reported and turned off by District (Treatment Tech), resulting in isolation to less than 10 homes.

  • District sent Notice to email list Paradise Hills HOA
  • District sent Notice to PH Board per policies
  • District Board notified in person

11/13  – PH Board searched for an available contractor, about 12 were contacted and the soonest one who would be able to demobilize from a site and re-mobilize to the break was on 11/15 pm; this Contractor was authorized by PH HOA Board.

11/15 pm  – Contractor mobilized to site; the break was located upstream of the leak which took more time for excavation; work shut down after dark for the night and water was confirmed off to the area.

11/16 am – District received multiple calls of no water/low pressure in high elevation areas of the system. Water was found to be turned on (unauthorized turn on) at the site and the excavated pit and nearby driveways were being flooded. Due to the sabotage, the repairs were delayed.

11/16 pm – Waiting for update from the PH HOA.

11/17 2:25 a.m. District (Treatment Tech) restored water to the Sunrise line after the Contractor replaced the cracked section of pipe.  Repairs (back-fill, patching) will be ongoing, the street-cut is large.


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