Discolored Water (August 7th – 18th)

August 7, 2017 by  

Updated 8/18/2017:  Samples were analyzed during this period and the results show that E-coli and Total Coliform were absent. There may still be some areas with discolored water.

We apologize for the inconvenience of discolored water.  Unfortunately, so far we have not located the source, or cause, of the discolored water.  The water that is leaving the treatment facility is safe and clear but is being affected within the distribution lines.

Based upon reports from 2.5% of served taps, the discoloration seems to be mostly in locations that are on “dead end” lines which have a tendency to “condense” the sediment enough that it becomes visible.

Operations has flushed hydrants on 8/7/17 throughout the system.  They report no known breaks, other changes or disturbances.  however, if it is discolored at your location, we suggest that you avoid drinking it (as opposed to cloudiness that disappears when settling, indicating air bubbles).

The Operations staff has done flushing overnight from 8/7 into 8/8 and we will continue to monitor the situation.

Those with discolored water should ‘flush’ their own lines by watering, doing laundry or otherwise running water until it goes clear—there is no other way to move the discolored water out of the dead-end areas (i.e. your service line).




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