Three Key Points From 2011

January 29, 2012 by  

Our Directors are happy to report on several topics as 2011 is closed and we begin 2012.   First, water loss trends, as reported earlier in the Summer 2011 Newsletter, are still at a low 16% for the entire year, due to steps taken by the District to reduce the loss rate from prior years that averaged 29%.  Key master meters have been installed over the past year and we will continue to work on locating and monitoring loss, with the help of private laterals.

Second, a filing was made for an additional 2011 water right 102 acre feet of storage at the Upper Beaver Brook.  Due to a fortuitous regulatory change in flood standards for our drainage area recently, there is now a potential to allow for greater reservoir capacity by modifying the spillway.  Filing for the water right is the first step, followed by a preliminary engineering study.  While this process could take several years, it is potentially a lower cost way to acquire more water in plentiful years that can be stored over for drought years.  The Directors will continue to move forward on this as long as it continues to be feasible and cost effective. 

Third, we are pleased to report on a good financial year. Revenue was over budget and expenses were significantly under budget, resulting in greater ending cash reserves that will help us as get through 2012, the first budgetary year in which the District’s assessed valuation has declined in many years. Good work Directors, Operations and Administration for managing our finances well!


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