Payment Options

Lookout Mountain Water District customers are billed each month and payments are due on the 20th of each month after the bill is generated.  Customers’ obligation to pay the bill exists regardless of payment or billing arrangements. The District is able to accept payments by one of the following methods:

  • ACH Auto-Pay. Authorization by customer granting permission for the District to generate a “debit” to customer’s checking account automatically each month. This is currently offered to customers at no charge, see below.
  • One time payment by credit card.  Customer authorizes a payment each time through a District provided payment portal.  Convenience charge applies, see below.
  • One time payment by E-check.  Customer authorizes a payment each time through a District provided  payment portal.  Convenience charge applies, see below.
  • On-line Banking or “Bill Pay”.  Customer controls payments to the District from his or her bank account using the bank’s online features.
  • One time payment by check. Customer writes out a check, signs it, and uses an envelope to mail the check to the District’s address.  See below.

On-line Banking or “Bill Pay”   The remit to address is 1202 Bergen Parkway, Suite 215, Evergreen, CO  80439.  Each payment should reference resident ID or invoice number.  The customer has to specify the vendor to be paid, mailing address, the vendor’s account number, the amount, payment date, vendor’s invoice number, etc.  Some banks charge fees for “bill pay”, some offer it as a service package at no cost, some charge per transaction fees, or include the service with other monthly service fees.  For “Online Bill Pay” the District simply waits for the bank to send a check for credit to the customer’s utility account.  Customers should be aware that they are responsible for having correct information in order for the bill to be paid correctly and when due, as the customer’s bank account has no interface with the Customer’s utility account.  This procedure is a substitute for writing a physical check and mailing it.

Payment by check.  Each payment should reference resident ID or invoice number and/or remittance stub should be returned with the check in the envelope provided.  The remit to address is 1202 Bergen Parkway, Suite 215, Evergreen, CO  80439.  Currently the District provides envelopes and remittance stubs for this convenience at no charge.  The check should be written payable to LMWD or Lookout Mountain Water District.

One time payment by credit card or E-Check by UtilityTrackRClick one of the links to leave the District’s website and access the utility account and payment portal.  Further instructions will be provided when you get to the UtilityTrackR portal.

ACH Auto-Pay.  ACH Debits will be automatically scheduled on a monthly basis on the nearest business day on or before the day when due.  Customers will still receive a bill each month for review and it will indicate that the debit (payment) is scheduled (“Auto Draft”). Customers will need to write a note to LMWD immediately after receiving the bill if wishing to cancel or change the ACH Debit authorization prior to the next scheduled auto-draft.  This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Lookout Mountain Water District has received written notification from account owner of its termination in such time and manner as to afford Lookout Mountain Water District and Financial Institution a reasonable opportunity to act on it.  Customers should also confirm Auto-pay cancellation if they plan to sell or transfer the property.  Complete the form and return it with a void check to the District if you would like to sign up for auto-pay:  ACH Authorization

No payment method is “fool-proof” each has its inherent risks of fraud, loss, theft, late delivery or error.

Mailing Address:

Lookout Mountain Water District

1202 Bergen Parkway #215

Evergreen, CO  80439
If you are unable to mail your payment or make an online payment, drop-offs can be made to Suite 200 at the location above.  For the security of customers and staff, cash is not accepted at this location (money orders are acceptable, payable to Lookout Mountain Water District).