Risk Reduction Spillway and Dam Safety Modifications at Lower Beaver Brook

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 Project Summary and and Status Update – March 2019

The Lookout Mountain Water District continues to work on the Lower Beaver Brook Dam Safety Modifications Project. The District applied for grant funding of $3.9 million for the project through the national Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program. The purpose of this program is to implement cost-effective mitigation projects that will reduce the overall risk to populations and property.  The dam is over 100 years old and its spillway is undersized, so it must be replaced to ensure that the District will have a secure supply of water for the treatment plant and to reduce risk of failure during flooding. District residents will be responsible for funding the remaining cost of the project (current estimated total project cost is $5.3 to 6.2 million).

FEMA has issued an eligibility notice in 2018 and expects to award the grant in mid-2019, then design and permitting can be completed in 2020 with construction to follow in 2021.  The project is currently under review for environmental and historical preservation.

Primary Participating Agencies —

Federal Emergency Management Agency  (FEMA)

Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (CDHSEM)

Colorado Division of Dam Safety

Colorado State Historic Preservation Office

Colorado Water Conservation Board

U.S. Army Corps of Engineering

Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties



FEMA is considering funding a portion of the proposed project through the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program (PDM), which provides funds for the planning and implementation of long-term hazard mitigation measures prior to a disaster event. The purpose of the PDM program is to implement cost-effective mitigation projects that will reduce the overall risk to populations and property.  In accordance with NEPA, an EA will be prepared to evaluate the potential impact of the proposed project on the human and natural environment.  A portion of the project will be funded by LMWD. The State of Colorado Office of Emergency Management will oversee the administration of the grant funding.


The proposed project includes addressing the identified dam safety deficiencies at Lower Beaver Brook Dam by replacing the existing 114-year-old rockfill embankment dam with a new concrete gravity dam. The modified Lower Beaver Brook Dam will be designed and constructed to be in conformance with the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources Dam Safety Branch Rules and Regulations for Dam Safety and Dam Construction. The existing 114-year-old rockfill dam will be removed in stages throughout the construction of the new concrete dam.

The new concrete dam will be constructed immediately downstream of the existing dam. The new concrete dam will have a non-overflow dam crest at each end, with a central emergency spillway. The existing service spillway on the right abutment will be rehabilitated to maintain the existing normal pool elevation of about 7837.7 because maintaining this normal high-water line is important for maintaining water storage for drought protection, operation of the Water Treatment Facility, and for avoiding long-term environmental impacts to habitat and wetlands in the reservoir area. The new structure will not result in additional discharges in the downstream floodplain during routine flow conditions.

Consulting Engineering Services – 9/28/2018 Award

Three (3) Proposals were submitted and a thorough review was completed and references on similar and relevant projects were checked, which is why we needed several days to arrive at a decision.  The Board representatives found each proposal complete and well prepared, and were able to compare and contrast upon many factors within the proposals including the references.  These factors were analyzed and W. W. Wheeler will be offered an Award of the Consulting Engineering Services Agreement consistent with the written RFP for this project phase.

The Board of Directors for Lookout Mountain Water District would like to thank each firm for taking the time and effort to prepare and provide a Proposal to respond for the RFP on the Pre-Award Consulting Services at Lower Beaver Brook.

RFP Comments for LBB Pre-Award Consulting

Project Data & Timeline


Click to Open Link:  RFP LBB CE 2018 Published

Notice of Request for Proposal


LMWD is seeking firms who wish to be considered for Consulting Engineering Services for Compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) including the completion of an Environmental Analysis (EA) for the Project. The selected firm will comply with all state and local licensing requirements.  Information about the Lookout Mountain Water District (LMWD) can be found at:


The Request for Proposal Document is located at the top of this post. 

The proposal must be received no later than 10:00 a.m. local time, September 25, 2018 at the District’s office located at 1202 BERGEN PARKWAY, SUITE 200, EVERGREEN, CO 80439.