Notice of Hearing to Change Rates

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The Water Rates adopted by the District for 2014 will be reviewed and changes may be made at the May 12th Regular Meeting. The Board will be considering a reduction in rates at some usage levels.


Preparedness Notice: Spring run-off may cause flooding in Beaver Brook

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Community Update May 1, 2014 Presentation:  Beaver Brook Community Outreach 2014

Like elsewhere in flood-damaged areas of Colorado, continual flows since September 12th combined with greater than average snowpack has many concerned that the Beaver Brook area could again be susceptible to flooding.  High flows are most likely to occur 2 to 10 days after a few days of unusually warm weather, particularly in March, April or May.

We urge Beaver Brook area residents to be prepared for high flows and flooding.  Please consider moving valuables and vehicles out of the area, taking protective measures such as sandbagging, and keeping culverts clean before and during high flows if it is safe to do so.

For additional details, please see the letter from the District to Clear Creek County in February: Letter CCC spring run-off 2014

For flood advisory information to residents from Clear Creek County, please see this notice: Clear Creek County Letter 04-02-2014

Be advised that the Upper and Lower Beaver Brook Dams are not flood control structures. LMWD does not control flows into or out of the Beaver Brook Watershed, and is not responsible for managing the Beaver Brook Watershed.  Like residents, LMWD owns property that can be damaged by high flows on Beaver Brook.

Lookout Mountain Water District will follow the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for dam failure, which has provisions for notifications to affected residents, and has been in place for many years.  Other than this advisory notice, Lookout Mountain Water District will NOT be notifying residents before or during imminent flooding unless due to dam failure and as part of the EAP.

Election – May 6, 2014

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Information about the election will be posted and published as required by Election Laws.  Postings on this page of the website are for convenience only.

The election has been cancelled–see notice below.

Please read documents below for information and instructions pertaining to this election:

LMWD Cancellation Declaration Notice 2014

LMWD Self_Nomination_and_Acceptance_Form

Call for Nominations LMWD

LMWD 2014 Election Resolution


9-16-13 Emergency Notification, Updated 9-18-13 and 9-20-13

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9/18/13: Water may now be used normally as we do not anticipate an outage at this time.  Please continue to be conservative in your usage; the District’s conservation rates have not been changed.

9/20/13:  As of today, the pipe is not visibly broken.  It will be pressure tested prior to permanent road repairs.

The District’s main distribution line in Clear Creek County is still in danger of failure due to flooding and erosion, however, we have secured an alternative water source.
Clear Creek County and the District’s Contractors are working on the repair, which could take several weeks.  If the line is damaged, the District will initiate delivery of treated water to all of it’s customers from a neighboring District. We also have a buffer supply of stored treated water in the District’s 1 million gallon storage tank.
Since the damage is considered extensive and repairs could take several weeks to complete, the District has obtained an emergency supply of treated water from Evergreen Metropolitan District for the duration of the disruption to our distribution main, should it occur.  Thank you EMD!
Past cul-de-sac Beaver Brook Canyon 09-16-13

Dam Safety Sep. 12, 2013

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Under the review of the State Engineer, Dam Safety Division, District Operation staff is checking all dams today and taking action if necessary.

John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook was about 4-5 feet below spillway yesterday; today or tomorrow due to the past few days of heavy rain it may fill and begin spilling over, thus flowing into Lower Beaver Brook Reservoir, which is already (and often normally) at overflow.  Actions are being taken to try to reduce the lake level at Lower Beaver Brook, to better accommodate the Upper overflow when and if it occurs.  The spillway and Beaver Brook tributaries normally can handle very large amounts of flow.

Note that overflow is not the same as overtopping, which is not occurring.  Lookout Mountain Reservoir is well below capacity as has little natural inflow, so no issues are expected on Lookout Mountain.

Upper Beaver Brook on Sep. 6th, about 5′ below spillway.

Districts water rights have not been in priority all summer. 

Kickoff of Engineering for Upper Beaver Brook Enlargment

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The District’s engineering consultants, GEI Consultants, Inc., led by Chad Masching, P.E., began work in August.  The project is expected to take 6 to 9 months prior to bidding and construction.  The goal of this project is to receive the permits necessary to be allowed to increase capacity by around 100 acre feet. This project has been in the making for a number of years, with former Board President John Roscoe, and we are delighted to see the kick-off, as well as the $125,000 grant funding match from State of Colorado.

Drilling rig taking core samples on dam Sep. at John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook, Sep. 2013


Water Rights Update July 2013

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Lookout Mountain Water District is a unique, stand-alone water system.  The water system is independent from Denver Water or some other Front Range community systems.   The water supply for the Lookout Mountain Water District comes from the John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook and the Lower Beaver Brook Reservoir, and it originates in the Beaver Brook Watershed.  The total watershed is relatively very small; less than 7 square-miles supply the reservoirs, which is east of Squaw Peak.  The water supply resides in the watershed in the form of snow pack, rainfall, and small lake storage.  The unique geographical location of the watershed also comes with its own unique weather patterns.  Frequently, our watershed does not receive the same precipitation as other neighboring watersheds.

When you see snow forecasts or snow events for the mountains, it doesn’t always mean the Beaver Brook Watershed gets the same precipitation.  In recent years, there have been several occasions when other mountain communities received more precipitation.  Furthermore, the physical supply of water into the Watershed, Beaver Brook, and Clear Creek, is just one aspect affecting how much water is available; legally, the District must also comply with water decrees and this impacts the ability to store water.  The District’s water rights (1903, 1924) are very junior to Coors, Golden, Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, Croke Canal, Standley Lake (1902) and others. When senior water rights are “called”, the District has no right to store water flowing in Beaver Brook and can be required to release out of priority stored water.  The District is being told that it is likely not going to be able to keep out of priority winter water even though Standley Lake filled or almost filled this season; this is still of concern and has not yet been resolved.

The only reason the reservoir is about 88% of capacity as of 6/30/13 is due to the fact that the District purchased water for exchange and was able to get credit for it during the fortunate, heavy run-off in April and May.  Furthermore, the surcharges are needed to offset the one time water use purchases of  $72,500 that ‘produced’ roughly 65 Acre Feet to date (we are still working to exchange remaining balances under the right legal and stream flow conditions).

Drought Impact to District Customers

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For slides presented at the Community Meeting on April 4th about the drought in our District and it’s impact to our customers, please go to Community Outreach.

News Article in the Canyon Courier April 17th:  CCourierLMArticle04172013

Residential Conservation Ideas

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Conservation Tips 2013 Handout

For Additional ideas, please go to our Conservation Pages

Emergency Drought Surcharges

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In response to the severe drought, the District has declared emergency status and surcharges have been adopted to dramatically reduce residential consumption throughout the summer season.  Outdoor water use should be curtailed or severely reduced.  Open the notice below or for detailed rates please go to our Rates and Fees page.

Surcharge Notice 04-2013

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