Leak Repair Status Update 08-20-2018

August 14, 2018 by  

The leak repair on the main line started on 8/13/2018 is temporarily complete and water has been restored to all locations.   Some locations may experience cloudiness, discoloration or pressure variations, due to air being introduced into the lines and sediment disturbances, which could last for multiple days.  All safety procedures were followed as usual and water is clean.  Please consider watering plants to get this discolored water out of your lines.

Unfortunately this repair revealed a failing main line, a nearby leak and other complications related to buried utilities in the area.  District Board and staff is preparing to address this matter so that a permanent line replacement can take place (about 100-200 feet). Notice for the permanent repair will be issued, however, the District will be watching this area for a unscheduled failure which could result in an unplanned water outage.

The leak location is near the Chief Hosa Campground/Spring Ranch. From this location, the line supplies about 95% of all customer taps and hydrants.

After Excavation — showing two required repair clamps (temporary due to condition of 14″ pipe) on August 14th


After backfill – August 17th

2nd smaller leak on main needing repair – August 17th



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