Rankin-Spears Lateral Water Outage due to Leak 11/16/17

November 17, 2017 by  

11/17/17 Update:  Repair is scheduled for today.

Notice to Members of Rankin-Spears Lateral:

The Lateral serving the Clear Creek Heights Association (Rankin-Spears) had to be shut-off this evening due to a main break located near the intersection of Colorow and Ballantine.

Since this was reported so late in the day, it is very likely the Association will not be able to obtain a contractor to start the repair until Friday morning– at the earliest.

Please contact your Lateral representatives for further information as the repair will need to be authorized by the owners of the Lateral.

The District will obtain status updates when possible and will be prepared to restore water once the repair has been completed by the contractor that you authorize.

Discoloration and air bubbles will likely occur in the water after the repair.

If you leave your home tomorrow, please be sure your faucets are all in the OFF position and consider obtaining some back-up water and/or making plans for your water needs as the outage may be for more than 24 hours.


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