Main Break October 5th

October 6, 2017 by  

A large and sudden break occurred in the early morning hours Thursday. Thanks to several who reported the flowing water, District staff was able to begin mobilizing a repair crew before 9 a.m. and stop the water loss.

Unfortunately, a large area of the distribution system had to be shut-down in order to complete the repair near the intersection of Lookout Mountain Rd and Colorow.

Many customers experienced no water or low pressure, depending on their location.

The introduction of air into the lines and the many pressure variations throughout the day has stirred up a lot of sediment and air bubbles, and this discoloration will be especially noticeable in locations with “dead ends” and may persist for the next 4-7 days. If you experience this discoloration, please do some watering, laundry or run your hose to flush your service line. The water is safe but we do not recommend drinking it until the sediment has cleared.



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