Dam Safety Sep. 12, 2013

September 12, 2013 by  

Under the review of the State Engineer, Dam Safety Division, District Operation staff is checking all dams today and taking action if necessary.

John Roscoe Reservoir at Upper Beaver Brook was about 4-5 feet below spillway yesterday; today or tomorrow due to the past few days of heavy rain it may fill and begin spilling over, thus flowing into Lower Beaver Brook Reservoir, which is already (and often normally) at overflow.  Actions are being taken to try to reduce the lake level at Lower Beaver Brook, to better accommodate the Upper overflow when and if it occurs.  The spillway and Beaver Brook tributaries normally can handle very large amounts of flow.

Note that overflow is not the same as overtopping, which is not occurring.  Lookout Mountain Reservoir is well below capacity as has little natural inflow, so no issues are expected on Lookout Mountain.

Upper Beaver Brook on Sep. 6th, about 5′ below spillway.

Districts water rights have not been in priority all summer. 


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