Watering Restrictions (May 2009)

May 12, 2009 by  

Outside watering restrictions are now encouraged until further notice, due to the current drought conditions in the foothills.

Existing water rates are set up to promote conservation and will remain unchanged at this time.  Water conservation methods are strongly encouraged for indoor and outdoor water use.

Why now? 

April 1st marks the beginning of the water “summer season” in which particular water rights affect the District.  Despite the recent snowfall, the Lookout Mountain Water District is taking action in response to our legal and physical water supply after the winter season, which was much worse than usual at our water source, the Beaver Brook Watershed.  The Water Commissioner has ordered a payback of 117 acre feet of water that the District consumed over the winter season, but was not legally entitled to.  About 33 acre feet of the 117 acre feet was due to leaks in the distribution pipelines that have been repaired once located (325,851 gallons = 1 acre foot).

 117 acre feet represent almost 40% of our storage in the two reservoirs that feed raw water to our treatment facility.  If all or some of this water cannot be purchased from other sources, our reservoir will need to be partially drained.  The main reservoir is already lower than normal as we entered the summer season.  Currently we are working on purchases, but in preparation for a summer season with potentially drought conditions, we are asking customers to conserve on a voluntary basis.  We hope this will be temporary and we will adjust as the summer season progresses; these proactive steps taken now may reduce the need for taking more severe steps later. 


What action do customers need to take?

Customers should water outside no more than twice per week, by hand or by irrigation system, until further notice.  Please look for updates with your water bills.

Water conservation methods are strongly encouraged for indoor and outdoor water use.

Water charges that result from leaks are the customer’s responsibility.  Verify that your home (service line, other pipes, toilets, faucets, hoses, etc.) are leak-free; sometimes houses can have hidden, or silent, water leaks. 

If you suspect a leak or break in public pipelines, please contact us at 303-526-2025 as soon as possible.  Your keen eyes and ears can be helpful in reducing water loss.


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